Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fluffy Lollipops...

Ok, so I couldn't exactly think of a way to tie puppies and lollipops together, that post is still to come. But this post is all about the happy fluffy.

Now I didn't want to just write another post that lists all the happy things is my life right now, cause that's so been done. So I got to thinking, what else could I do?

I rejected the idea of simply posting an alphabetical list of fluffy things. Cause while it might entertain me to do the research, I'm not sure that sense of whimsy would translate well onto the screen. (As an aside, if movies are the "big screen" and TV is the "small screen" what do we call blogs? the "other small screen"??)

So after a great deal (translation: 5 minutes) of thought, I decided to do a photo post. You see I've done some shopping lately, and I want some oohhing and aahing from the masses about my purchases.

So without further ado:

I've decided that I've hit the glorious stage in my life where I can no longer eat...well...whatever I feel like. So bye bye French Fries and burgers. Bye bye cheesecake. Hello 80 -100 calorie bits of chocolatey happiness. In my mind, I can eat one (OK two's not my fault...I just took them out to take the photo and suddenly an Aero stick was in my hand...I don't know how it happened!) a day and still be guilt-free as long as I eat reasonably otherwise.

OK, this is one of the annoyingly adorable pom pom boots. You can't really see the pom poms, but they're totally there. And I have to say, they have kept me superwarm this winter. Now that I'm outside walking a lot more in like -50 degree weather (sorry, I don't know how to convert that into American) they've been a God send. And I think I sorted out why they untie themselves sometimes...something to do with twisting the laces when I tie them.... (and man do I ever need to clean the floor at my front door...this is actually kind of embarassing that I'm the entire internet-verse concrete proof of my crappy housekeeping skills)

Now before anyone gets all "but Princess, Christmas was only a month ago." Some of this was pre-Christmas. And some, like this necklace was from a gift certificate that my Daddy gave me for Christmas. Isn't it pretty?
I don't generally wear gold, and am having a hard time finding this to accessorize with it (because I don't care whether they say you can do it or not, I don't like to wear gold and silver together). I still love it though, and the little gold flowers make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Now this purchase has been a long time coming. I keep cleaning out my bottom cupboards (oh wait, I'm supposed to be honest on my own blog right? Let's rephrase: One every year or two I clean out my bottom cupboards...) and I find all the bottles of wine I somehow end up with. I decided to put them on display all pretty-like in the hopes that maybe someone will notice them and you know, drink it. Cause I very rarely drink wine. And if you look at the wine? Cheap and fruity. Look at the bottom right. Should wine be that bright pink shade? Not if you're classy it shouldn't be.

And this? Well I big pink fluffy heart this. Newly purchased just a few hours ago. 1/3 bulletin board, 1/3 photo from, 1/3 tucked in ribbony thingie (don't know what to call that part). This is now freshly hung above my computer desk (yes, I still work with a desktop). And if anyone wants to send me some bloggy photos of themselves, I'll be happy to put them into the photo part and gaze at them adoringly whenever I'm typing up blogs or tweets or whatever...

OK. Fluffy accomplished. And thanks to all of you who've reminded me that it's OK for me to get ranty occasionally. But since 100% ranty blogs are one of my pet peeves, well....


Becky said...

We all have to rant sometimes. I love the photo/message board thingy! And I'm right there with you on eating better...even though it really is no fun.

sequined said...

I love the new photo/bulletin board! I want one!

And I love the necklace, too, though I rarely wear jewelry.

And a wine rack is vital! Vital.

Dee said...

Lovin' the wine rack! wine and racks!! Mmmm..yes. ~~Dee

Chief Rock Chef said...

Love the boots!

One little chocolate bar a day? Wow, you are getting good, I am so impressed!

Can't wear gold and silver together? No wonder I get such odd looks!

Jen said...

Awww! What a great post!

I big fluffy heart you too!

PinkPiddyPaws said...

I love the wine rack!!! And the boots.. girl..I'm all about some pom-poms on my boots! ;)

Random Musings Of My Life said...

very cool buys... can i pay you to send me some of those chocolate bars??

Princess of the Universe said...

Becky- yes, I suspect I'm really going to miss french fries...

Seq- Vital! Awesome. I'm glad I bought it then!

Dee- I do have an awesome rack...uhh...for wine... :P

Chief- no no, you CAN wear them together, I just don't like to.

Jen- Right back atcha babe!

PPP- I have no doubt I wouldn't have even noticed the boots if they didn't have the pom poms.

Random- I'd be shocked to find out that Canada has something cool that you guys don't- but if you actually want me to send you some, I'll be more than happy to!


Prunella Jones said...

Cute stuff all around. You have good taste, me dear. Want me to come over and drink up that wine for you? Glug, glug.

P.S. I love the title of this post. "Fluffy lollipops" is a very bizarre visual in a wonderful way.

WendyB said...

I don't think I can comment on your post after this so I am commenting here. Please don't beat yourself up for your feelings. Go back to therapy, get some medication, so much of this stuff is chemical/biological/whatever. It's not the real you.

Anonymous said...

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