Monday, August 24, 2009

Assorted & Wpg Blog/Tweet-Up

So I've been reading several quite valid laments of late that twitter has made blogging fall by the wayside a bit. I don't know how I feel about this, since I only tend to tweet things that are too brief for an entire post or very timely (i.e. who wants to join me for sushi tonight).

However, I have saved up some exotically juicy tidbits that I did not tweet (or tweeted very little about), and am putting them all into a post. I confess, some of them I probably could turn into entire posts - but I kind of don't wanna. So there.

- It rained today. (Wow, you really are scraping the bottom of the barrel Princess- talking about the weather?!) But not your average rain. Like torrential, Armageddon, bring out an ark, downpour. My walk from the bus stop to work is not insubstantial. So by the time I arrived at the office my pants were soaked up to my knees. (Like wringing out the water in my office - soaked).
So? I went to the ladies room, leg hitched up on the wall beneath the hand dryer. I got some odd looks. And I got a few sympathetic nods. But ladies? It works. I was super impressed with how well I dried off in just 5 minutes. Note: I looked very professional while doing this. And athletic.

- Saturday? I went to my cousin's jazz concert. It was lovely. And jazzy. Then? We went to see my Uncle (Dad to said cousin) in a bar with his AC/DC cover band. From 3 in the afternoon until 7 in the evening I was in a bar watching rabid fans get warmed up for the actual AC/DC concert that evening across the street.
You know who goes to bars in the middle of the afternoon? Alcoholics. Or people wanting to see strippers. It was weird to look out the window and see...the middle of the day. Bright, shining sun. While I was in a bar. Drinking diet coke. Starving, since it's not like bar food is particularly WW friendly.

- Then I went over to my person's and brought Subway. I allowed myself mayonnaise. Then I allowed myself a peanut butter cup blizzard. Size medium. Needless to say, I did not lose weight this week. BUT. I did not gain. I think it was all a wash. But the blizzard was worth it. This week? Back to rabbit food. Next Monday I had better be at a 20 pound loss. (Total. Not for the week. That would be alarming.)

- Winnipeg Blog-Meet/Tweet-Up: So I did the little poll on the side bar and it looks like people want something on a weekend, but not the LONG weekend, and in either the Forks area or taking over a section of a restaurant.
So this is my suggestion: Friday, September 18 (sorry, it can't be sooner, kinda busy on other weekends) at the Current at the Inn at the Forks. Maybe around 6:00? If the weather is OK - we patio. If not, we go in. I figure that way if people want to bring kidlets, they're welcome to and it's central (ish). And FYI- I'm not suggesting dinner. Just apps, drinks, find some new bffs.

If I get a big enough group, I can call ahead and book the room - so please feel free to email/comment/DM me your intentions. And please tell all your peeps- the more the merrier.

- Re: internet dating. Honestly, I have no idea what to do with this person that I've been messaging with for the past 3 weeks. We write daily. Occasionally a couple of times per day. But he's not giving me a lot to work with. His last message is just a response to mine, no additonal questions, very informational. I don't want to get all Lois Lane on him and keep asking questions, but I have no idea how to respond. After a while that just seems creepy and intrusive.
And I don't want to rush him with the meeting- I've expressed an interest in getting together- so if he's not running with it, I don't know how to interpret it. What if he is now caught in a penpalship that he doesn't know how to get out of? What if he's just being polite as long as I'm not being too pushy? Should I get pushy and demand a meeting? 3 weeks isn't that long. Ugh. I hate this.
Any boy experts out there? Can I send you my correspondence and have you interpret it for me? Maybe get all Cyrano for me, and write something so that he is at least willing to make a move?

That is all.


WendyB said...

LOL re 20 pound loss for the week. That would be alarming indeed. I think people have most success with online dating things if you don't let the penpal stage drag on too long. It's a false intimacy (or non-intimacy, it seems, in this case) and a lot of people build up hopes that are dashed when they finally meet (in a crowded public place, of course!).

Lynda said...

I think a lot of people who tweet have quit blogging, but not everyone. I know sometimes I want to say more than 140 characters worth of stuff.

As for contacting this guy, I would say sometime like "Hey, are you available for such and such weekend to meet for coffee?" and see what he does. If he says no, I figure the ball is in his court. I have a friend trying to fix me up with someone, and I did that. He hasn't contacted me since and I'm not going to pursue him. Of course, you read my post today so take it with a grain of salt. ;)

cmacc said...

I'm down for the tweet up! Sweet up! And i love your professional yet athletic description. Classic.

Dharm said...

Nice blog you have here! Have not considered tweeting as I'm finding it hard enough finding time for my blog.
RE the internet boy 'trouble'...why not just ask him point blank - where is this going? Trouble with cyber chats is that you never really know who is on the other end - so just be careful too...

Anonymous said...

My problem is that a peanut butter cup blizzard is *always* worth it, but that doesn't seem to work out very well.

Actually, a number of times I've gotten food and a blizzard and then later realized that it was the food that was the mistake and I should've had only the blizzard. :-)

BTW, I had them add strawberries to my PBC Blizzard this weekend, and that was quite good as well.

PinkPiddyPaws said...

Congrats on the weight loss (or in this case stability.. that's still good!)

Tweet -- refuse to do it. I have too much to do with my blog and FB. That's my limit. I even deleted MySpace since I never logged in.

As for the guy -- take a lesson from "He's just not that into you". If he wanted to meet up with you he would make it happen. Ya know? ;)


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