Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Princess 201

I find it amusing that everytime I write a depressing post, I try to follow it up with fluff. When am I ever going to get it into my head that this is MY blog?

Onto the fluff:
I did the Princess 101 here, and have received some registrations for the second level course. Below is the course content. (Hi! Guess who works in education now!?) The quality of your comment is worth 100% of your grade. Whomever receives the highest grade will win a prize.

1. Fave junk food? Toss up between plain M & M's, caramel Haagen Dazs and chocolate almonds. The presentation of any will result in immediate forgiveness for almost any transgression.

2. Obsession: gift wrap, ribbon, bows, gift tags, cards etc. I could open up a shop. I didn't even use each kind of paper last Christmas- and I give a lot of gifts. Any local people want me to wrap for them this December? It will be art, I promise. For payment- see above.

3. Fave authors? Jane Austen. Guy Gavriel Kay. Although I do have my guilty pleasures: Dan Brown, Dean Koontz, and the Twilight books.

4. I have seasonal allergies that are trying to kill me. I've been back from Florida less than 4 days and I feel like crap again. I love spring to bits, but winter is the only season when I feel OK more days than not. I haven't been sick in almost 5 months, and now I could spend the day in bed.

5. I hate winter for every other reason except the above. And Manitoba? Is cold. And icy. And snowy. I don't enjoy winter sports, so skating, skiing, snowshoeing? Not an incentive.

6. My other blog? The one I started when I began my social "experiment" has gotten me free stuff, requests from students writing theses, and a stupid number of hits (1000 in one day? I thought for sure it was an error. Turns out I was promoted for one of my posts on one of those "blog roundup" sites). Sex sells people. Seriously.

7. If you love me, you will: a) buy me daffodils. b) watch cheesy horror movies with me. c) not make fun of me for being in bed by 10:00 every night.

8. I love giving gifts. Possibly because it gives me an excuse to wrap. Birthdays? Baby? Housewarming? Hostess? I'm wrapping up something for you...I do get concerned that people think it's either a bit creepy, or that I'm trying to buy their affections.

9. I scrapbook and journal and blog and one of my hobbies is geneaology. I sometimes feel like I have an over-developed sense of nostalgia and sentimentality. I find it physically painful to throw away cards that people have given me. Like they're immediately going to somehow sense it and have their feelings hurt.

10. I have two tattoos. I don't plan on getting any more. But then again, I didn't plan on ever having more than one either. I've noticed that it's mostly men who are opposed to tattoos. I find it odd. I suspect it's because they have a fear of commitment.

Registrations will be accepted next semester for 301.



Chief Rock Chef said...

Cheesy horror movies - have you seen "Flight of the Living Dead"? It is wonderful - airline disaster movie meets Zombies.

We still have cards from years back, they turn up in boxes all over the place, but we can't get rid of them.

I don't really like tatoos, but occasionally I will see one and think it is cool. There seems to be a local revolt against tatoos for girls, though - my daughter and her friends refer to the ones girls have at the bottom of their backs as "slut marks"...

Anonymous said...

I have never seen a more perfectly wrapped gift than the one you gave me when you visited...yes, suitcase damage and all!

Jess said...

I love that we've moved on to the intermediate course. And I looove daffodils too.

PinkPiddyPaws said...

I think it's the obsession with hair bows that got me. ha..ha.ha....

Becky said...

You would love the closet I have in the basement. It is full of wrapping paper, bows, ribbons and etc. And every year I buy more rolls of paper. Its like a sickness :)

Cheesy horror are the best! I will never grow out of watching them. And...I tend to eat M&M's or jelly beans when I watch them.

I have 3 tattoos. And I love your reasoning behind men not liking them so much!

Sheila (Charm School Reject) said...

I have one tattoo - which I am saving up to get redone because now that I am older and wiser and know what a good tattoo looks like, well, I hate it.

Oh! AND, it's on my lower back. But the guy at the tattoo shop didn't tell me it was called a tramp stamp til he was already done.


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