Sunday, August 10, 2008

Administrative Clean-Up

So I have highlighted the correct answers in the quiz below.

My Dear Anon got five correct, and my person got 4 correct. Perhaps I will take them for dinner at an Icelandic and/or Ukrainian place.
That left 2 other people who got 4 correct, and everyone got 3 or less.

So: the winners are: Princess Pointful and Jen!
Jen I have your address, but Pointful, if you want to email me yours, I will send out the prizes right away!

A few final notes on that weekend:

I am in awe how many things I forgot to pack. Seriously - a toothbrush? Why do I always forget that? A belt? Useful. *Le sigh*

No, I did not get sunburned. Although I did get a bit of colour which is kind of a miracle in and of itself.

I love love love amber. I am thrilled with the bracelet. It has a bunch of different colours of amber in it, and is even designed in such a way that the clasp isn't really obvious - it just blends with the rest of the design. If anyone ever wants to send me a gift...mmm amber...

So now I'm wondering what to do with the last long weekend of the summer. Labour day...
Any thoughts? Anyone want to entertain me? Anyone want to come up here and be entertained?

And I am so proud that I'm finally remembering to deal with this...remember how I mentioned some demon sandals a while back? They are the cutest things ever, but they caused me pain? Well here's a photo. They are size 9 and I'm totally willing to send them out to whomever is interested. Only worn once. (That was enough)

OK, I think I've done all my Administrative housekeeping now. Have a superfab Sunday everyone!



Jen said...

I'd like to thank my parents for giving me the opportunity to make my bed each and every day. . .

I'm super excited to have won, 'cos you can be sure that I NEVER win anything - at all. And to think, I wasn't going to play. . . bad Jen. Anyhow, you're too sweet! Thank you, for serious.

I love the shoes and they're my size, but I don't love devil shoes. Lord knows I don't more decrepit feets than I already have.

Hugs to you, Princess!

Zazu Ta said...


Just wanted to drop a line and say, I love your style of writing.
It's refreshing.

Princess of the Universe said...

Jen- Ohh you totally earned it! I'm so excited that you won!

Zazu- thanks for coming by! I look forward to visiting you!

Princess Pointful said...

Yay!! I am so excited that I won! I just emailed you my particulars...

SpanishGoth said...

Ahhhh - quizzical stuff.....

Am I too late to enter?

1. What did the Princess invest in this weekend?
= Chop suey

2. How many fights did the Princess and D2 get into this weekend?
= none. Too busy shagging

3. What did D2 do for the Princess while stopping in to visit his Mom at the end of the weekend?
= fuck all probably

4. Which small towns did D2 and the Princess hit this weekend?
= all the weird ones

5. There were free movies at the hotel, what did the Princess and D2 watch on Saturday?
= The Muppets in Space

6. How many of D2's women did the Princess meet this weekend?
= only the lonely ones

7. How many of D2's women did we avoid this weekend, either by ignoring the phone or by scurrying away and hiding?
= only the scary ones

8. What did the Princess forget to pack this weekend?
= a machine gun

9. What did the Princess realize was the best $2.99 she ever spent this weekend?
= a $1 note

10. How many drinks (alcoholic) did the Princess and D2 consume this weekend?
= not enough

Glamourpuss said...

Amber is lovely - suits you, duckie.


Crashdummie said...

ur getting as exhited over amber as Homer Simpsons gets over donuts... "mmmm, donut *droolz"

hehehe but hey, a gal can never have too much bling bling eh ;)

All Mod Cons said...

I'll come and entertain you! Owing to a lack of finances for a flight, I'm currently building Wings.

Can I have the shoes?

Only joking about the shoes, I couldn't possibly fit into a 9, waaay too small.

Princess of the Universe said...

OK I just looked at that photo annoys me how much hair I have. Seriously I just vacuumed a day or so ago!

PP- Congrats!

Goth- I feel like I should send you some sort of consolation prize :)

Puss- thanks! I've been slowly collecting it over the years...

Dummie- agreed- there is NO such thing as too much!

AMC- let me know when you fly over Canada and I'll flag you down when you're over my condo. :)

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