Thursday, August 14, 2008

Maybe I Should Get a Pet??

So I was thinking last night about how much the internet/blogging world has completely taken over my existence.

Exhibit A (conversation between me and My Dear Anon)

Princess: So D2 has some married chick asking him to father her children.
MDA: Oh-Ehm-Gee! (OMG for those who need translating) (Short for "Oh My God" for those who need even more translating)

Exhibit B (conversation between me and internet boy)
Internet Boy: So who is K?
Princess: Oh she's my BFF
Internet Boy: What's a BFF?
Princess: This obviously isn't meant to be.
(Again, for those who need translating - BFF = Best Friend Forever)

Exhibit C:
I am becoming concerned that I am turning all stalkerella on some of my blog crushes. They're in my feed reader, I send them emails, I twitter them, I be-friend them on facebook, I am thinking of buying their merchandise.

For the record my darling crushes (not all of whom even necessarily read this blog): I am far too poor and lazy to hang out in front of your houses or anything.*But I totally love you and want to be your BFF.

Exhibit D:
I was totally excited when I found out that some of my blog crushes are in the same area as my family holiday next spring. Who wants to spend the day in Disneyworld with me in April???
I'm sure my family won't mind- it's not like they're paying for me to be there or anything.
Oh wait. Yeah they are.

So anyhow, I think I need to get a life. Or a boyfriend. Or a plant. Something.

*I think the only person I would bother stalking is the lady across the courtyard from me. Sometimes we're totally sitting on our couches and watching TV at the same time! It's like we're the same person!


PinkPiddyPaws said...

ummm... yeah.. .maybe you SHOULD look into getting a pet. :)

Princess Pointful said...

I'm totally the same at working blog-speak into my day-to-day life.
I say OMG, but only in an exaggerated valley girl voice, if that helps!
I also keep on slipping up and telling bloggie people's anecdotes to my real life friends. And then they ask me "Who did that happen to?", and I say "a friend from school".

All Mod Cons said...

Get a female Terence!! He's my rock!

Actually, he's my cactus, so not really a rock at all. More "Planty".

Anonymous said...

Free to a good home....
One cat named Mickey, she can be yours, just say the word!!!!!
You know you want her!!!

Princess of the Universe said...

Mental Note: PPP thinks I'm a loser.

Pointful: I've given up on the secret blog- as of last week, everyone knows about it.

AMC- I would kill a cactus.

My Dear Anon- I couldn't handle that much hair all over me!

Ali said...

I agree - looooove these people, but waaaay too lazy to become a good stalker :)

SpanishGoth said...

You know this woman who mimics you - does she do things like hold her cup in her right hand whilst yours in in your left?

rorrim gnikcuf a sti - GMO

Miss Britt said...

Oh I am so the wrong person to ask about being obsessed.

I WORK with a blogger for God's sake!

Anonymous said...

Oh honey, don't sweat it...I don't even have that "thin line" between net obsessions and real life anymore, heh. Seriously though, my three very best friends are people I met because of blogging.

So yeah, I'm no help!

Glamourpuss said...

Not sure I'd buy the merchandise but can I buy the man? He's quite cute. And I'm ovulating.

Hmmm, I suspect that last part was a bit of an overshare...


Princess of the Universe said...

Ali- didn't we have a conversation once about how we're too lazy to be stalkers? I think you posted about it?

Goth- Uhh irrelevant, but useful info. :P

Britt- and he sounds like the best boss ever!

Hilly- Well since you're one of my crushes, I'm glad I haven't alarmed you yet!

Puss- Yeah, I think it's pretty much agreed with the girls on the internet (me included) that Dave is pretty hot.

Karl said...

Stalk me all you want, babe. You don't scare me. Yet.

yellojkt said...

I could use some stalkers. Usually I'm the one doing the heavy stalking lifting.

Princess of the Universe said...

Karl- Hmm, perhaps I'm not trying hard enough....I AM adorable though, I can see why it's so hard to resist my efforts. ;)

Yello- Perhaps I'll have to add you to my list!

James said...

Hello Princess just started reading your blog. I am a buddy of Rock Chef.
You are fun to read. Like the whole Royal Court thing
You are scary though. I wouldn't dare stalk you.

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