Sunday, August 31, 2008

Filling In

Hi, Suze here. When the Princess asked if anyone would be willing to write a guest post during September, I jumped at the chance. I mean who doesn't want to write for royalty? Plus I really like her blog and I'm hoping (fingers crossed) that she makes me like a Duchess or Knight or something. She left me the keys to the castle. At first, I was a little afraid of getting lost. But she said, "First castle on the left" so that's where I went. I shouldn't have been afraid of getting lost. As I got closer to her castle, I noticed the signs everywhere.

Her loyal peeps really like her! I knew at once, that I found the right castle.
She said she hid the key under a rock. Um, princess - that's a mighty big rock. After hours of struggling, I finally got the key out. Phew, that's a lot of hard work!
I let myself into the home of The Princess and her Diaries. WOW - nice digs!
I heard some noises in the kitchen. On the way, I passed some of her art work. Hmm, where is that picture I colored and sent to her? Oh well, I guess this is kind of nice.

What the? Who the? I'm left speechless to this. Alice says she's been working for the princess ever since the other family's kids left home. Damn, lucky princess. We couldn't talk long because she had a lunch date with Sam.
I walked her out to the garage and Alice said that the Princess always lets her take one of the cars while she's away. Well, I guess that's alright. But I told her to fill it up before she brought it back home and if she was filling it up at 7-11, I'd like a Slurpee. That Alice...what a gal.
Before I watered the plants and left the house, I just had to take a peek into her closet. I wanted to see if she really was a "princess". So I opened the doors to modest closet.
Oh, look. I am so jealous. I'm totally going to wear these until she gets back.
Yes, here is my proof. Oh look at them!! I didn't try any of them on since I think she had them arranged by event and size. Ok, ok, maybe I might have tried this one on for a mere 10 seconds. Maybe ten seconds or 10 hours - who's counting? And don't tell her either!!!
So she really is a princess and I'm sorry that I can't write more and show you more of her house. You see, one of her favorites is in the living room right now. I'm, of course, going to have to console him since she's not there. That's what kind of guest blogger I am. Tee hee...I think I'll wear the tiara!


phishez said...


Chief Rock Chef said...

That was great - and I thought what I am planning was a bit nuts!

All Mod Cons said...


No, wait. I meant, err, car. Yeah, I want that car.

Jen said...

I can't wait for my turn at Princesses castle!

Actually, now that I think about it, mine might be very dull in comparison. . . .

Princess of the Universe said...

Mmmmm Jensen...

Anonymous said...

very nice post!
Hands off jensen princess hes mine. You can keep james!

Anonymous said...

She stole my glass slippers! And my man!

We shall have to have words.

Anonymous said...

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