Thursday, August 07, 2008

Hacker!? Seriously?!

So I came home from a post-work meeting the other night, and did my usual routine.

Tore out my contacts like they were secreting acid or some other toxic chemical. (Really should look into laser eye surgery)
Put on sweats
Pulled out a glass half full of last night's iced tea from the fridge (why can't I drink a whole glass?)
Sighed over the fact that I have a full fridge yet nothing to eat. (Really must clean out all the crap sometime)
Went to check my email/facebook/reader

There's where the confusing thing happened.

Let's first establish the timeline:
I left work at 4:30
Arrived at meeting for 5:00
Left meeting at 6:10
Arrived home at 6:45

Why was it that emails that arrived at 5:20 and 5:30 were already marked as read?


Did someone hack into my email?

My first thought is that I just somehow forgot that I had read those messages. But it's impossible based on the schedule above. And besides, I'm a freakshow about deleting all my blog comments from my email the second they arrive, and then rushing to the blog to read them, because somehow it just seems wrong to not read them there. And the read emails? Yeah, blog comments.

Who am I? Nobody. I know that I'm all famous with my 12 readers or so, but seriously...
Out of all the people in the world to hack - you want to read my emails?! OK. Well respond to my Aunt that I won't be coming to that family dinner after all mmmkay?

Why wouldn't you mark the messages as "unread" again? It's as if they wanted me to know that they were there.

Now my second thought was that this had something to do with my drama last week. You know, the one that led me to delete all my archives and start over? But that doesn't really make sense either. I can understand why people would be concerned about me posting certain things on the internet - but my personal email? And I don't know, isn't it like illegal to hack into someone's account? If not, it's at least ethically wrong.

My next (naive) thought was that it was done by mistake. Somehow someone accidentally did it, and they're very sorry for the little wee accident. Uh yeah, as if. And leprechauns exist too Princess, didn't you know? They're right over there having tea with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny beside the pot of gold at the end of that rainbow.

And before anyone asks, YES I changed the password to my email. And YES, it was a stupidly easy password that Google wouldn't even let me use when I set up my gmail account. I'm sure any and all of you could have easily hacked into my account. In fact, how about you guess what the password was in the comments? I bet it's guessed within the first three people.


I'm not overly traumatized or anything by this. I just found it to be weird. I mean why am I so interesting all of a sudden? And let's face it. Most people's emails are pretty dull. Right? Right!? (Please tell me it's not just me who has an email box full of dinner invites from my Aunt...)


PS My little baby feeling are hurt that only a few of you entered my contest below. They're awesome prizes! Honest!


Miss Britt said...


All Mod Cons said...

Dear Hacker. I would like to congratulate you on winning first prize in our recent "Knob Jockey" competition. You were our most outstanding entrant. You also managed to scoop first place in the category of "Arse Bandit With No Life", the first time this double has been achieved.

To claim your prize, a lifetimes supply of "Slaps To The Groin", please write to:

I'm a knobber

(On a more serious note, if you haven't entered PotU's last quiz, do so...I can vouch that her prizes really are TOP DRAWER!)

PinkPiddyPaws said...

Wow.... talk about creepy, weird and just all around bizarre! Sory to hear about it Princess. Glad you changed your passwords and locked everything down!

Oh, and I was the FIRST entrant in your contest. Does that earn me a consolation prize if I don't win? hee..hee..

Shana-Marie said...

Same thing happened to me a couple of months back. It was so odd, yet there was nothing really *top secret* in there. Strangely though, I felt rather violated.

Lunch would be fun! Were you thinking the Saturday?

Prunella Jones said...

I can't imagine any one wanting to hack into something as dull as email. I know mine is full of offers of Viagra, solicitations from Nigerian millionaires, and lame forwarded touching stories about angels saving a toddler from drowning. I don't even read it half the time.

Jen said...

Wow. That's just creepy. I'd feel weird about it too.

Like Miss Britt, I'm guessing your old pw was "princess"?


Anyhow, good for you that you changed it. I'm really hoping for a "TOP DRAWER" prize . . . .

Princess Pointful said...

I'm going to say it was sparkles... just to be different.
But, seriously, I would feel pretty damn violated!!

Princess of the Universe said...

Britt- you're so smart!

AMC- You tell 'em!

PPP- I think you deserve something for sure!

Shana- yup, Saturday, I'm only there Fri and leaving Sat eve.

Pru- yeah I don't understand those Nigerian emails...does anyone actually fall for that??

Jen- AMC knows what he's talking about! And yes, you and Britt are correct. Lame eh?

Pointful- I did feel violated! I mean really, what's the point? It's just a personal email...

Shana-Marie said...

That would work out nicely. I could either take the bus into the city (which isn't a big deal at all) or if the hubs wants to make a weekend of it, I'll be up on the friday.

What time are you leaving?

Ooh... I'm excited...

Yes, I"m a bit of a nerd... ^.^

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