Thursday, August 28, 2008

MOD-ern Ramsey

Ever since I got asked to do one of the guest posts for the lovely PotU I've been wondering how to start it and what to write. Do I do an introduction as to who I am, maybe give an indication of what I normally babble on about, do I change my style & subject matter, or do I just do what I normally do and start typing without any planning and see where my fingers take me.

Then I figured that if I waffled on about that sort of stuff for a bit, nobody would actually notice that I've "started" and I can slip in under the radar without anyone wondering if I'd started or not. Result!

Anyways, I did give this post a bit of a ponder. I thought I'd do something a little new, at least as far as I'm concerned.

The kitchen isn't a room I normally frequent. And I can count the number of food items that I own on one hand. Cheese being the mainstay of my existence, along with pasta. I don't particularly enjoy cooking, especially as it's normally for 1. I also find that after all the hassle of cooking something that by the time it's ready, I'm no longer hungry. So I thought I'd give that baking thing a go. I considered doing something like a proper cake, it was my old dears birthday and it would've made a good surprise. However, knowing that I'd probably get something wrong I decided to downsize a little and went with Flapjacks. Which, when I buy them in the shop (which is VERY rare) they're bloody lovely, and I could share them with the housemates, and because the amount of ingredients that I'd need to use would be minimal there was less room for the Fuck Up Fairy to descend on me.

So, quick check on Google to see what I needed, and off to the supermarket I went.

Ingredients all organised (including the addition of chocolate which wasn't in the recipe...) I set about my masterpiece.

I kind of followed the instructions, insofar as they seemed to say "Chuck it all in and stir", which I duly did. Although, I probably added more butter and syrup than what was written. Hell, it looked alright to me.

Because I couldn't find any small cooking chocolate thingy wotsits, I had to smash the crap out of a giant bar of Dairy Milk and in that went too.

Then it all got put in a glass container thing because I didn't have a metal tray, or any tracing paper. I mean, grease proof paper.

Now, what I was hoping for was some chocolatey gooey crunchy stuff that tasted good. What I got was a crumbly crunchy stuff, with molten chocolate floating on the top, that tasted like it had a little too much butter in, but was distinctly edible. As far as I'm concerned, it was a major success even if it wasn't exactly what I'd hoped for.

I'll tell you what though, this baking lark isn't too bad. Maybe next time I'll try something more adventurous. Maybe one of them cake things that's got squares inside it, that you can see everytime you cut it. You know, Squarey Cake.

(Oh, and the prize of the contents of my left coat pocket to the person that can tell what the title is meant to mean....)


Ali said...

As someone who doesn't cook OR bake myself, I have to tell you that the finished result looked fantastic! But I probably would have ended up eating the entire Dairy Milk before I got to the point of mixing it in.

I'm going to be really wild and guess that the "Mod" in the title refers to you, and the Ramsey is in reference to Gordon Ramsey?

I love me some Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares. I never feel bad for how much I curse after watching him for 5 minutes :)

Anonymous said...

I think the princess and I should try that the next time we bake.. Does it require sugar?

Jen said...

See? I thought about Gorden Ramsey too, but I can't figure out the 1st half of the title. . .

It looks delicious. Chocolate thingy wotsits, butter and crunchy stuff - can't get much better than that!

Jen said...

err. . . unless you're MOD, thus making you MODern Ramsey instead of Gordon Rasmey?

This is fascinating to me. . .

All Mod Cons said...

Ali - Yeah, the MOD bit is me...and Modern kind of sounds similar to a kind of tenuous type fashion!

And I did have a little nibble at the chocolate before it went in. And I may have licked the spoon after the syrup was put in...maybe...

Nick - Go for it! And yeah, loads of sugar. Maybe make that a special point to put the sugar in first?

Jen - Bingo, you got it! The contents of my left coat pocket are yours! And Ail's. Damn, got to split the contents of my left coat pocket between 2 now!

Princess of the Universe said...

Aww I never even had a chance to guess!
You're really determined to give away your pocket contents though- that's the second time you've offered it! :)

And I really think My Dear Anon should shut up about the bloody sugar! I made her a whole batch of cookies to make up for it!!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Flap jacks are good - it takes a couple of goes to get it right, less oily stuff and a bit longer in the oven was how I fixed mine.

Cooking is not as hard as some people pretend it is - you must do more!

Princess Extraordinaire said...

Congrats - it looks delicious!

Princess Pointful said...

I just like the word squarey. Very descriptive.

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